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Lawn Pest Control

We want to provide the best program at the best price. We treat each lawn individually and will adjust the applications according to the temperatures, rainfall amounts, and the needs of the grass at the time. We take a professional approach to your lawn by designing a lawn care program that produces the best results.

Our Lawn Maintenance Plan

Proper watering, mowing, fertilization, and pest control – all these factors are necessary for healthy turf grass. If one factor is absent, the landscape will suffer.

Our custom blended fertilizers are complete with minor elements and iron, and applied throughout the year to meet the unique needs of the season and comply with local fertilizer ordinances.

We inspect the lawn for insects (Chinch Bugs, Sod Webworms, Mole Crickets, and Grubs) during every visit. If insect infestations are found, they are treated.

Broadleaf weeds (spurge, creeping beggarweed, oxalis, Florida pusley, dollarweed, and matchweed, etc) will be spot treated throughout the year. The broadleaf weed treatment will not control weeds that germinate after the broadleaf weed application. It is not unusual to have minor weeds between lawn services. These weeds will be treated during your next scheduled visit.

Inspections are made for Lawn Diseases throughout the year. Disease problems in the lawn will be treated for an additional charge.

Plant Parasitic Nematodes are not included in our current maintenance program.  A Marshall Pest Control Professional will be more than happy to obtain soil samples and discuss your options.

Visible mounds in the lawn area only will be treated during regular service months.

Between treatments, Marshall Pest Control will retreat at no additional charge to the customer those problem areas that are deemed necessary by our technicians.