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Jim Marshall, the owner of Marshall Pest Control, had a lawn mowing business from Middle school through his twenties. At the age of 30 he sold his business in St. Petersburg and moved to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida. After studying in the Environmental Horticulture department at UF he moved back to St. Petersburg where he began working for Pursley Turf, Inc. managing the landscape division. When Pursley closed their maintenance division in December of 1983, Jim took over many of their existing accounts and started Marshall Pest Control.

In 1984, Jim, with the help of his family, Marshall Tree Farm was started with the planting of the first ten acres in Morriston, Florida. Jim’s education in environmental horticulture from the University of Florida combined with his practical experience, proved to be very helpful in those early years. In that time Marshall Tree Farm has grown from a small 10 acre nursery to over 600 acres of high quality landscape trees. If you would like, you can view the Tree Farm Website at www.marshalltrees.com.

Marshall Pest Control acquired Scott Stroemich in February of 1994 as a Pest Control Technician where he performed services for both Indoor and Outside Pest Control. Scott received his Certified Pest Control Operators License on December 11, 1996 from the State of Florida Bureau of Entomology & Pest Control. Scott Stroemich is a native to Pinellas County and attended St. Petersburg High School. After receiving his diploma from St. Petersburg High School, Scott launched his own Lawn Maintenance business while attending St. Petersburg College. Scott continued his interest in the landscaping field by enrolling at the University of Florida. Scott received his Bachelors of Science in Agriculture with an emphasis on Turf in January of 1994. Scott was promoted to General Manager of Marshall Pest Control in March of 1997. Scott prides himself on maintaining his position as a “working” General Manager where Customer Satisfaction is his number one priority.